MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

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MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Fira on Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:06 pm

i am writing a new book. fear it. heres what i have so far...

Many thousands of years ago, in a land known simply as the land of darkness, two children were born to a very proud king. They were identical twins, and the personal servant of the royal family, a spirit known as Lucifer, knew that they would both rise to be great. The king was overjoyed with the news, but due to the hard work of giving birth to two at once, the queen became ill, and was stuck in her bed. Seven years later, the queen passed away. The king was inconsolable, and sent away any people that came to his castle except for his two twin daughters, Silver and Garnet. Garnet was a cruel and ruthless girl, who always demanded things of people, and took what she liked. Silver was gentle and shy, but had a good heart, and made sure to always be kind. Lucifer did not like Garnet, but made sure to protect both of the daughters equally. When both girls were 16, the king decided that the time had come for him to pick his successor to the throne. Without hesitation, he chose Silver, who had grown up to be a brave and kind young woman. Garnet was furious, and decided to find a way to become the princess herself, no matter what her father said. And thus, our story begins…

Chapter 1: Princess of night

“Lucifer? Come here for a second.”

“What is it, princess?”

“Stop being all formal with me. There’s no need for that.”

“Whatever. Why did you need me, anyway?”

“Because. I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Fire away.”

“Why does this kingdom have to be so dark all the time? Why can’t it be bright just once, instead of this endless doom, gloom, and rain?”

“I’m not exactly sure, Silver. Maybe that’s how the creator wanted it.”

“How anyone could want a place to be so dismal is beyond me, but…maybe you’re right. Maybe there’s just too much light in the rest of the world, and the creator wanted it to be…balanced. Equal. Maybe that’s it.” Silver turned from the window she had been looking out of, and continued to speak to the small, shadowy spirit. “Still, this land itself isn’t balanced. If it’s always darkness here, there is no chance for balance. Sometimes, I just wonder why things are.”

“It’s okay to wonder, Silver. Just don’t forget your duties.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it. Thanks for listening, Luce. I better go. I have things to do.”
With that, silver left her bedroom. She walked along the twisting, winding hallways of the castle to come to her sister, Garnet’s room.

“Garnet? Garnet, open the door. We need to talk.”

A muffled groan came from the other side of the door.

“Garnet, open the door!”

“No. I have no business with you.”

“Garnet, open this door, or I will break it down.”

The door flew open to reveal silver’s fiery-haired sister.

“What is it, silver? This better be good.”

“Father wishes to talk with you.”

“Ugh. Well, too bad for Father, because I’m not going.”

“Garnet! I know you’re angry about his choice, but this is going too far! He’s our DAD, for crying out loud! You can’t blow off your own family.”

“just watch me.”

The door slammed closed, and was locked.

Silver slumped against the wall.
“Great. NOW what am I going to tell father?”

Chapter 2: Garnet

“Hmph. Why would father want to talk to me? He hasn’t even paid attention to me since he chose silver to be princess. I bet if she wasn’t such a suck-up to him, I would be the one with the fancy room. I would be the one that he talks to all the time. And I would be the one to become queen. It’s not FAIR.”

Garnet threw herself on her bed and sulked.

“Its not fair at all.”

So true, my dear. There are many things that aren’t fair in this world.

Garnet started, sitting up suddenly.

“Who’s there?”

Only me.

The shadows on Garnet’s wall formed into the shape of some…creature. Its mouth moved, and the words came again.

See what has become of me? A long time ago, I was a great and powerful spirit. But now look at me. It takes great effort for me to even make myself be heard. Only those with the gift can hear me, and even then, my powers are weak.

“Who exactly are you? And why do you want to talk to me so badly?”

The same reason why you remain in your room so much. I have been treated unfairly, so I’m trying to get back at the world. But now…now I know I’m not the only one. We can work together, you and I. we can work together to get back at the world which has treated us so badly, and we can regain our place where we should have been. At the top.

“So…you can help me?”

Yes…but on one condition.

“I knew it. Consider the deal off. I only work for myself.”

But I thought that you wanted to be queen?

“I do, but I don’t do conditions.”

It’s only a small one. A simple task, hardly even worth your time.

“Go on…what is it?”

I want you to break the spell that has been put on me. The spell is held within your servant, Lucifer. Kill him, and the spell is broken. Then I can grant you whatever your heart desires.

“Sounds…tempting. But father would find out instantly. And when he finds out, every dream that I had will be broken. I’ll be thrown out of the castle. Banished. No way.”

But I can assist you…I can make it so NO ONE will notice. Not your sister. Not your father. No one will notice.

“…those powers sound familiar…I read about them somewhere…and that spell…Lucifer once told me about it. That kind of spell…is only needed…for a DEMON! No. I remember now. You are the demon named Darkfire. The one who nearly destroyed the kingdom. I know all about you, and I’m not helping you. You can’t fool me. “

I’m not trying to trick you…and though my name is Darkfire, I’m not a demon.

“Then who are you? And why are you trying to help me?”

I am a spirit…those legends were spun because the king feared me. He was afraid of the good magic I could do, and locked me away. I would not dare harm a human…

“Well, you are one of the few things that have been nice to me. I accept your offer. I’ll do it.”

Good. Wait until nightfall. Then, we act.

Chapter 3: nightfall

“Luce, I am so glad that father didn’t yell at me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’d probably be just fine. After all, you were the one that did most of the work. I just helped you along.”

“Hmm, I guess. Still, we better get moving. This castle is freaky at night.”

“You’re going to have to get used to it eventually. But yes, we should get moving. Tomorrow is a big day.”

“Don’t remind me. The funeral for our jester.”

“Right. Sorry. I know it’s still a subject you’d rather not get into.”

Silver and Lucifer walked the hallways in silence.

Are you ready, garnet? They’re coming close. Not too much longer now.


Garnet kept her knife out, gripping it tightly. She looked around the corner from where she was hidden.

Stay hidden. I’ll tell you when to jump out.

“Ok, Darkfire.”

Silver and Lucifer came close to the corner.

“Thank goodness. We’re almost at my room. Then I can get ready for…tomorrow.”

Now, garnet! Finish him!

Garnet leaped out from her corner, and stabbed at Lucifer. The clang of two weapons colliding echoed down the empty corridor.

“GARNET! What are you doing?”

Silver had drawn her hand-and-a-half sword and had blocked the blow expertly.

“Have you gone insane? Why are you trying to kill Lucifer?”

“Silver, he’s a threat to the kingd-“

The clang of metal on metal echoed again.

“Don’t give me that. Now you’re trying to kill me. What’s going ON?”

Enough of this.

Silver gasped and fell to the floor. Then, darkness.

Chapter 4: awakening

“Y’all right, young lady?”

The girl’s eyelids flickered open.


“I found you lyin’ out in m’field. You okay?”

“I…don’t know…I don’t SEEM to be hurt.”

“Well, giddup then. It’s a short walk to m’cottage. You kin rest there. But hey, this thing yours?”

The girl looked next to her to find a small dog-thing lying next to her, a thin line of blood coming out of its mouth.

“I guess its mine.”

“Then c’mon, and bring him too. I still have some plowing to do ‘fore nightfall.”


The girl got up, wincing a bit, then picked up the dog-thing. It immediately moved, its eyes snapping open in a split second.


It stopped, then looked at the bewildered girl, and the elderly farmer. It stared the longest at the girl.

“Silver…what did they do to you?”

“Who’s silver?”

“They took away your memory, too.”

It shook its head sadly.

“I have a lot of explaining to do…”

Chapter 5: memories.

“So, what you’re saying is, my name is silver, and I’m the princess of this land?”


“And that my sister, garnet, removed my memory, knocked me out, and moved both me and you here?”


“And your name is Lucifer, and you’ve been protecting me since I was very small?”

“In a nutshell, yes.”

“This doesn’t seem real…”

“And yet its all true. Every word.”

“The truth is stranger than the rumors..”

“Yes, that is how it often is. You do realize that your father will be frantic, right? First his wife, now his daughter.”

“Yes…but how am I going to go back to the castle? We’re miles away.”

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Melanie on Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:14 pm

...STOWWY TIME!!!!!!

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Fira on Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:12 pm

stowwy's already over melz. thats all i got so far.

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Nat on Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:32 pm

still awesome Very Happy

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Melanie on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:19 pm

I still needa read it... So stowwy time is NOT over yet. Razz

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Fira on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:26 pm


you didn't read it yet!? now you have to read another chapter.

Chapter 6: double tragedies.

“WHAT!?” the king roared. “She’s GONE!?”

“Yes, your majesty. And from all indications in the hallway where she had been, there were signs of a fight. We believe….we believe she may be dead.”

“Dead…” The king broke down into tears, wailing like a baby. The captain of the guards patted him clumsily on the shoulder.

“There is nothing that can be done, your majesty. We are terribly sorry.”

“Nobody is as sorry as I. I should have watched her more carefully, made sure she didn’t leave her room. But now….now its too late…” he broke down into tears again. “First my dear Mayla, now Silver, my pride and joy…it seems as though this family is cursed. Who will be next? Garnet? Me? I don’t know anymore…”

“your majesty, we will work day and night to apprehend the person that did this.”

The king looked up, tears glistening on his face, yet fire in his eyes, and nodded. “Yes. Whoever did this will be punished greatly for their actions.”

Hidden behind the doorway, Garnet gulped.

“I knew this was a bad idea.”

But look, with silver gone, you can become princess. And later, queen.

“But if father suspects me…I’m done for. Forget banished. I’ll be…hung.”

Not unless you follow my instructions. Listen to me, and they will never suspect you. You can be queen.

“I don’t care about that anymore. The risk greatly outweighs the benefits now. Consider our deal off.”

The demon rounded on her, hissing angrily.

I don’t think so, girl. I’ve been waiting far too long for my plans to ruined by a selfish, wretched, little girl. You listen to me, or your precious ‘father’ won’t have long to live. Got it?

“You wouldn’t.”

Don’t put anything past me now, girl. I have the powers to kill, still. Don’t underestimate me. Now come with me. Back to your room so we can plan for the demise of that wretched Lucifer.

Shaking and white as a sheet, Garnet followed the shadow back to her room. a single tear rolled down her cheek.

What have I done? Will you ever forgive me, Silver?

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

Post  Melanie on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:34 pm

Okay, stowwy time is over now. It's a good stowwy... and very confusing. Razz

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Re: MAH NEW BOOK! (no title yet...)

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