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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:51 am

"Actually, I'd suggest turning around." Fauna looks behind her, and the 4 are back. 1.0 is formed back together with ice binding him together. 2.0 is back, with healing magic to bring him back. 3.0 is NOT a human, and a lich anyways, so he wasn't killed by hail. 4.0 came back with pure necromancy. And, he's a lich. The 5 He11ixs slowly walk towards her, furious. 1.0 binds her with ice. 2.0 binds her with a magical barrier. 3.0 binds her in Invincillonium bones. 4.0 bonds her with pure darkness. He11ix walks forward to Fauna. "Well, good bye. I'll see you... never." He11ix draws his Abyss sword and his Ultimatum sword, ready to kill. Fauna is unable to move. A new voice comes from behind He11ix. "I'd hate to do this considering you're practically family, but..." Another version of He11ix, who looks the most like the original, punches He11ix in the back of the head. Then, he raises his hand and a black hole appears. The four old He11ixs are sucked in. The original He11ix grabs onto the cloud for dear life.

??? He11ix: I'm a good guy, you're a bad guy. Being the same person means nothing. Good bye.

He11ix, as a last chance, throws his Ultimatum sword at ??? He11ix. The sword misses and is caught in the ground. He11ix trys to lunge at ??? He11ix. While he's in the air, he is sucked the the black hole. The black hole closes.

??? He11ix walks up to Fauna. "Hi, I'm Hollix. What on lore is going on here?"

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:19 am

Fauna gawks at Hollix and nearly stumbles forward.

Who knew that there were six of this guy? Who even does that? Nevertheless, I'll get used to this last one. At least he's not trying to kill me. Then again, if could be one of them that wants to kill me in costume. I'm just going to lead myself to believe that he actually wants to help me, though, she thinks to herself. Fauna's voice comes out in a mere whisper, as she hadn't fully recovered from her shock.

"Erm..." Hollix look expectantly at her. "Long story short, those last five... things... wanted to kill me and were hungry for my soul for a reason that I have to admit that I can't even remember. I've helped Haze in the past, but they're very stubborn. Wait-- do you know about Haze?" Fauna's eyes-which had turned red during the other's second attack and had just begun to fade back to green-rest on Hollix's.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:26 am

"Uh... no. I don't really know much of anything at this point. Back in my world, it was destroyed in record time by a giant shadow demon shortly after I was freed from it. So I lived in a cave for a few months, then time started to rip apart. Next thing I knew I was on a spaceship with everyone I just destroyed. Then they left, so I followed. And now... well, this."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:42 am

Fauna stares at Hollix. A tiny smile appears on her lips, and she calls Wolke. Fauna drags Hollix onto her cloud and sits down on it, jabbing the fluffy white thing softly. First stop: Silverbrooke. Fauna pokes Hollix on the shoulder when they're in front of the inn. He turns, and she point at the inn. "So: Long story short, Haze is made up of four... things. 'H' stands for He11ix. He's... your evil twin brother; that's what I want to say for now, because I have no idea. 'A' stands for Asaroth. He's a ghost, and I personally think he doesn't belong in Haze. 'Z' stands for Zander. He's a half human, half android psychopath that I nearly killed before. Maybe that's why Haze hates me... And 'E' is for Ether. He's an android, completely under Zander's control. But yea, so... There was a giant black monster being named Abyssal, and I think he's the giant shadow demon you're talking about. Anyways, Abyssal came out of nowhere and invaded Silverbrooke. He11ix got all these gems and put 'em in a glove so he could kill Abyssal. Didn't work. So I thought He11ix turned evil and Zander was the good guy. Wrong-o. Zander tried to blow up Silverbrooke, and that's when I tried to kill him. He11ix said that my attempted murder was insanely brutal, but meh... Anyways, we all thought Zander was dead, but he wasn't. He came back, hunting me. Then we made peace-dunno how or why-and he got killed in a rockslide. It was really a dummy, though. Abyssal took over He11ix's body then. A chunk of the inn," Fauna point to the inn, "fell on He11ix, killing both him and Abyssal. I buried He11ix, and I guess he's haunting me now. So Haze lived on, and they created an invasion on Silverbrooke. I almost got killed, though, so they laid off. Then I used the whole you're-a-chicken-and-don't-have-the-guts-to-face-me-yourself thing and lured them in. Then I tried to kill everything, and then I met you, and then we came here, and all that fun stuff." Fauna looks at Ho11ix and tries to decode the look on his face.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:48 am

"...okay then... that explains everything... I think." Hollix thinks for a sec. "Oh yeah, I remember something on the spaceship that I was on earlier. There was this cyborg guy there, sitting at the cannon's controls. I think he was part of Haze, according to what you said."

OOC: Note the words, "cannon controls".

Meanwhile, the darkness force feild dissapates, and the villagers are set free.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:59 am

Fauna grins. "Thanks for the whole sucking He11ix 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 into the giant black hole," she says, looking in the direction of where the cave is. A sharp feeling shoots down her spine.

Did Abyssal die, too? Fauna glances at Ho11ix. Is he Abyssal in disguise? It just doesn't seem like my luck that Ho11ix would magically appear out of nowhere and help me...

She jumps off the cloud and starts walking into the forest. She turns around and faces Ho11ix, walking backwards, now. "I'm going to the cave to see how everyone's doing. You coming?"

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:06 am

"Sure, it's not like I have anything better to do..."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:14 am

Fauna snickers to herself and shakes her head. She feels the cloud hovering behind her, and then hears the soft crunch of grass under both Ho11ix and her feet. They walk in silence for a long while before coming to the entrance of a cave. Fauna turns to Ho11ix and chews the inside of her cheek for a moment. "They don't know who you are..." she mutters quietly. Fauna shrugs and calls Wolke again. "If they see you with me on the cloud, they'll most likely know that you're not trying to kill me, unlike most people I know." Fauna drags Ho11ix onto the cloud and hovers into the cave. Villagers are staring at her, still frightened by what they saw her mutate into earlier. Fauna turns to her pack.

"Is it safe to go home?" she asks. Leaf nods, smiling. His eyes drift to Ho11ix.

"Who's that?" he asks, taking a step back.

"Ho11ix. I've convinced myself that he's He11ix's evil twin brother, but I have no idea. He's good, anyways. I'd most likely be dead if he didn't suck 'em into a black hole."

Leaf stares at Fauna, upraising an eyebrow. He then shrugs. "Okay. I'll escort the villagers back to Silverbrooke with the rest of the pack's help. I'm sure you have some stuff you need to do, right? I'll catch up with you later."

Fauna nods. she turns to Ho11ix for a second and then pokes the cloud. It bolts off and they appear back in front of the inn after a moment. She turns to Ho11ix again.

"I need to go find... something. What're you going to do in the meantime?"

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:30 am

There are no 1s in Hollix.

"I'm going to go back to the spaceship and see how I even got here. See ya." Hollix vanishes.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:49 am

...So that's why I instinctively kept putting l's. Interesting.

Fauna bites her lip and stares at the space where Hollix (damn it, I've already gotten used to the 1's) was.

I hope the five figures of Hell don't try to come back and kill me while he's gone...

Fauna dives into the air and lets the wind carry her. She comes to the area around the cave and instantly finds the scent she's looking for. Fauna walks around for while and hears a soft, gentle jingling sound. She scans the ground and finds her bell, laying on the ground. The blue fabric that held the bell is torn from the explosion of her tail. She smiles happily and runs her finger over the soft, blue silk. "It'll be easy to fix," she whispers to herself. Fauna sits down right there in the forest and pulls out a needle. She picks a piece of grass from the ground and tears the thinnest slice off of it. She then sews the fabric with the grass. Fauna smiles and slides the bell back onto her tail.

...Now what? she asks herself, standing up.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:06 pm

All teh He11ix's are floating in endless space.

He11ix: Well, this sucks.
ZerkerHe11ix: I don't know, I'm enjoying the cold of space.
ArchHe11ix: And I thought my castle was cold and desolate...
DoomHe11ix: My castle was better. At least I had a heating system and undead to handle everything in the castle.
ArchHe11ix: I had undead too... I just didn't use them as much.
NecroHe11ix: Okay, STOP ARGUING. I tricked Zak into signing a cursed contract, I'm smarter than any of you!
DoomHe11ix: Oh, shut up. I'm older than any of you, I'm the best obviously.
ArchHe11ix: Prove it.
DoomHe11ix: None of you would exist if I hadn't brought the first He11ix back to life and made the second one.
He11ix: SHUT UP.
Everyone: Ok.
He11ix: We are trapped in a remote part of the universe after being sucked through a black hole, and you are arguing about something as stupid as this?
ArchHe11ix: What should we do then?
He11ix: Oh, I don't know, how about... TRYING TO GET BACK???
ZerkerHe11ix: *sigh* Am I the only sane one here?
He11ix: Just because you aren't as evil, you are still insane.
ZerkerHe11ix: I pity you. I'm the original before any of you were affected by Abyssal.
He11ix: Wait a sec... that gives me an idea.

Hollix arrives onboard the MIST. Zander is still working on the cannon thing, There is a room that is eminating dark energy, a door that has a soft humming sound behind it, and another door. Hollix chooses the last one. Inside is the Dimensional Extractor. Hollix picks up the ice orb inside it. It appears to be cracked. Hollix pockets it and continues looking through the station.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:01 pm

Fauna thinks for a second and then decides to simply walk, and think. She finds a worn trail in the woods and follows it.
I wonder where that black hole actually leads to? Probably to some place where he'll train them to hate me even more than they already do, just so they can all annihilate me.
Stop accusing Hollix of being evil. Maybe he's not. Fauna stops. "Huh?" The second voice in her head snickers.
Yup. I'm back. And blue.
...That actually makes me REALLY happy.
Good. Now... continue thinking. I like to listen. Just pretend I'm not here.
...That'll be real easy, Rain.
Fine, I'm gonna watch T.V. I'll check in with you later.
...Aright, where was I? Thinking Hollix was evil... There's a slight possibility that he's not. But he said he was related to He11ix, and they're all insane. Some might be less insane than another, but they're all screwed up. And--
But he SAVED you.
Rain, go away!!
.....And very deadly. Anybody related to He11ix or has become the slightest companion to him, like members of Haze, will eventually come to hate me. Oh, goody! Let's see, that's: He11ix himself, his four minions of death, Hollix, Zander, Asaroth, and Ether. That makes nine. Nine people want to kill me.
No need for that kind of language, young lady.
...That's a little harsh...
...That's not even the worst of it...
What IS the worst of it?
*Growls* Don't. Push. Me.
Well, SOMEONE forgot to take their happy pill today.
*****, GO AWAY!!!
Fine, jeeze!
FINE, I'm leaving!
Thank you, jeeze! Now... NINE people want to kill me.
Y'know, for my guardian, you're a real bitch.
I know.
Bye-bye. Fauna attempts to block out Rain.
Fauna smirks to herself.
So Zander really IS scared. He didn't send his real self down from... wherever he is. Where IS Zander?
Nobody asked you... But where's MIST? And what?
Some space ship. Oh, and Hollix is on there.
Fauna freezes. "Huh?"
Yea... Remember that space ship he was going to? That's the one. And with Zander. He's bound to run into Ether soon, too, and he's most likely to be recharged soon.
Get him out of there, then!
No can do. It's against my policy to do things to people against their will.
I'm not going, Fauna. He'll be okay, jeeze. Zander will mistake him for He11ix. Does that make you feel better?
No, worse! Then Zander will act like Hollix is He11ix, and Hollix WILL turn into He11ix from Zander's 'poison.'
Boy, you really are paranoid, aren'tcha?
...Sadly, yes. I'm beginning to think I'm losing my mind. That's why I need Hollix, 'cuz if he can suck things into a black hole that leads to--
His training ground where he makes people hate you?
...Well... Dangit. You seriously think he's good? He's not plotting to secretly kill me?
I guess we'll just see, won't we?
Fauna stops and her eyes show horror. She shakes off the feeling after a moment and continues walking down the trail.
OoC: That's a little long. Shocked I took out the spaces that I had before in an attempt to make it shorter. I don't think it worked...

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:33 pm

He11ix and the other He11ix's arrive on a small comet. He11ix has everyone stand in a row in front of him. "Now, as He11ix reminded me, He11ix, He11ix, He11ix, and even He11ix have one thing in common. We all have Abyssal trapped within us. So, He11ix, you stand here. He11ix, you stay there. He11ix and He11ix, stand a few feet back." Everyone looks around and scratches their heads. "Oh, never mind." He11ix's shadow comes off the ground and becomes Abyssal. Abyssal floats to each of the He11ixs. "Well, it looks like to free each of myself from you, I'm going to have to... well, kill you." Abyssal grabs all the He11ixs, except He11ix, and crushes them. Darkness comes out of their limp, dead bodies. Then, 5 Abyssals stand in a circle.

Hollix walks around the MIST, looking for something that would give clues as to what they're up to. He glances at the humming room. He walks inside, and he sees a robot that looks like the person in the control room. Ether wakes up.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:48 pm

...Uh-oh... Fauna stops walking and looks up, attempting to look inside of her head and into her brain where she feels like Rain is perched.


You're not gonna like it.

Whatever. What's going on?

Let's just say... "Hollix, Ether. Ether, Hollix."

...Ether woke up...?

'Fraid so.

...Okay... So: YOU can't force people to do stuff, but can I?

Sure, whatever you want. Just keep in mind that you must live with guilt...

Guilt? I needa save Hollix, my only chance of living on this cruel little planet, before Ether bites his head off!

I didn't know Ether ate people.

I said bite, not eat.

Meh, same thing. So what do you want me to do?

Is it possible for you to teleport me to MIST or something?

Okie dokie. A blue flash appears, and Fauna's floating in an instant. One second they're in the air, and another, they're glued to the ceiling of a metal wall.

Where are we?

Candy Land, you idiot... MIST!

...Oh, yea. Well, where's Hollix? Or... Zander?

Hollix was in here, I thought. That was probably before. Zander's controlling the cannon.


...You see, that's why I don't like bringing you places. You ALWAYS overreact.

It's a CANNON!!!!

Well no durr. Now, do you wanna save Hollix or what?

I know I'll regret it later when he turns against me, but yea. I kinda owe him.

Yup yup, whatever. Let's go. There's another flash of blue, and they're crowded in the corner of the wall behind Ether and Hollix now. Ether is slowly dragging himself to his feet while Hollix stares.

I wonder where Asaroth is...

Who cares?

He doesn't belong with Haze. I've never seen him do an evil thing in the time I've known him, so maybe we could bring him back to Silverbrooke...

How do you think he died?


Maybe he's a suicidal terrorist...

I thought you were supposed to be a good guy?

...Shut up...

Hehe. So how're we gonna save him?

I could tr--

A red laser scans the two of them on the ceiling. The minute the laser touches them, a loud, penetrating siren goes off. Zander appears in the doorway instantly, pushing "He11ix" out of the way slightly. Hollix, Zander, and Ether turn to stare at Rain and Fauna.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:13 pm

Hollix tries to silently slip out. Zander stops him. "Where are you going, He11ix? And why are they still alive? I thought you, you, you, you, and you were fighting her?"

Hollix: Shit...
Zander: What?
Hollix: Nothing...
Zander: Well, get them!
Hollix: Uh... why don't we let him do it?
Zander: Who? Ether?
Ether: I think I could do some damage.
Zander: Okay then.

Zander pulls Hollix out of the door, then slams and locks it. Ether looks up at Fauna and Rain. Of course, he pulls out a few grenades.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:32 pm

Fauna stares at the door. "Sorry..." she whispers under her breath as quiet as possible. Ether tosses a grenade at them and also pulls out a gun. There's a frantic flash of blue, and Fauna appears standing next to Zander and Hollix. A millisecond after she'd been teleported, an explosion erupts in the door. The three turn to stare at the door where Ether and Rain were.


..Urghh... Why did I DO that...

You okay, you blithering idiot?

Gee, thanks for making me feel better. Ether's about to start shooting me with a machine gun. Listen:

The three hear a machine gun start blasting. They hear bullets bouncing off of the walls, along with exasperated gasps coming from Rain. Fauna turns to Hollix and bites her lip. She then glances at Zander, who's staring at her.

He's probably going nuts right now. That's just dandy. He'll kill me himself if he doesn't succeed at turning Hollix against me. Wait... If Hollix won't do what he says, then-- Fauna grabs Hollix's arm and makes a run for it. The doors shut, blocking the exits. Fauna glares incredibly darkly at Zander, and the entire place starts to shake and vibrate. Hail is heard bouncing off of the ship in heavy, large amounts. Lightning bolts strike MIST. Zander's eyes widen slightly, but then return to normal. Fauna bangs her head against the exit door in front of her. It makes a large dent, so she continues to bash her head against the door. On the seventh hit, there's still no hole. Zander is beginning to ready his nuking beam. Fauna punches the door as hard as she can and then rips the hole open, wider. She stuffs Hollix through quickly.

"Go, go, go, go, go..." she mumbles hurriedly. Hollix plops down through the hole. Fauna turns around to face the blinding light of Zander's nuke beam. Fauna is sent flying out the exit door. She grabs Hollix by the shoelaces of his shoes on the way out and flies into oblivion. They eventually come crashing into trees in the middle of a forest.

"What...The...Hell...?" Fauna sits up, rubbing the side of her head. Hollix is stuck in a tree, squirming. Fauna yanks him down and lets him drop to his feet, then turns around, turning her back to him.

..Rain...? There's no response. Fauna's legs buckle, and she falls to her knees. She stares into oblivion as her eyes turn to a blueish white.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:42 pm

Hollix takes the ice orb out of his pocket. It is this close to cracking.


Yeah, that close. Hollix puts it in his pocket again. And glances around.

Zander angrily walks over to the cannon controls. "Why on lore did Fauna kidnap He11ix? No matter, she will die all the same. Nearly done with the cannon, so that's good. 99% complete. What did I miss?" Zander runs a scan on the cannon, and only one thing is in the results box. "Why does it have to be that stupid disc..."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:55 pm

Fauna turns around, her eyes still an icy blue. She looks at the bulge in his pocket.

"...What's that?" she asks, half thinking that it's some bomb that he'll kill her with. Hollix pulls out the orb, shows it to her, and slips it back in his pocket. Fauna nods. Her eyes begin to regain color after a while. She stands up and looks down at the ground. After a long time of silence, she turns to look at Hollix again.

"So... What now?" she asks quietly.
Back at MIST...

Rain looks up and sees robot parts scattered around the room. She tries to heave herself up but falls on her left side. Feeling something strange, Rain looks at her hand. One is missing. The whole arm is gone. She stands up, and bashes against the wall. Her left leg is missing at well, up to the knee. Rain gawks at her missing body parts and slips out the door, hopping slightly. She finds Zander and sits down on the ground by him. Her hair is matted, she's bloody all over, and er right eye is black.

"You're half robotic, and you must be smart... A little help?" she asks hopefully, gesturing with her one hand to the mess she'd become.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:34 pm

Zander spins around in his chair. "If you mean 'help' as in making ther other arm, and the rest of your body, equal to that one, then yes." Zander pushes a button and Rain is thrown back into the door that is eminating with darkness. The door opens, and a mysterious force drags Rain inside. The door slams, and Zander goes back to work.

Inside the room, strange runes cover the stone walls. All communications with the outside are impossible. The door is also gone. All magical powers are also negated. A presence is felt inside.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:40 pm

Fauna continues to look at Hollix.
Rain looks around in the dark and begins crawling around. She eventually bumps into what she assumes is either a wall or a door. She gets on her one knee and bashes the wall with her one fist.

"Zander, help me, damn it! This is not helping!"

After a straight hour, she gets exhausted and stops hitting the door. Rain continues to crawl around her dark cage and continues to bump into walls. After 15 minutes, she does the whole thing over again for another hour. And then she stops. And then she does it again.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:56 pm

"Stop." Rain turns around and sees Asaroth. His already faded body is now dark. His eyes look completely emotionless. Darkness flows from the runes and into Asaroth. "Die." Black flames float in the air. A freezing mist covers the floor, freezing Rain's feet to the ground. The ice slowly crawls up Rain's body until she is completely immobilized. Asaroth raises his hand towards her. "Fear."

OOC: Asaroth is now making Rain see her worst fears...

Hollix shrugs. "I don't know. If I were you, I would go see what happened to your friend."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:03 pm

Fauna bites her lip and rolls her eyes away from Hollix. "Rain... I'm pretty sure she's dead." Her voice cracks with the last word. Hollix's eyes widen slightly. "Besides, how would I get back to MIST? If I could get there, I would get my revenge over Zander... That dude has major issues. 'The real Zander.' Bull shit. He's too afraid of dying... I mean that, too. I honestly think that I've never seen the real him. I guess, if Zander wasn't there, I could try to find Asaroth... or at least find Rain's body and bury it..." She looks back at Hollix. "Unless you could take me there?"

Rain tries to move, but is unsuccessful. She glares at Asaroth, the possessed and now thoroughly corrupt ghost from Hell.

Flashbacks of Fauna being tortured by Hellina fill her head. Fauna's fights with Abyssal, Zander, He11ix... all of them flood into her mind. They play over and over again. And then it comes to her own self. Rain. Scenes of her, in the middle of nowhere. When she'd first been put on Earth, completely lost. Then comes the worst part: Death.

Rain flinches slightly and feels her hair turning red as the anger and rage burn through her.

...What if she's not dead...?

Rain's hair flattens to it's normal do and turns blue again. Fauna?

...Rain's tough... Maybe Ether just wasn't enough to kill her...

Fauna!! I'm in here, help me! Zander's being a jerk, and Asaroth is freakin' EVIL!!

...Maybe Asaroth could help her...

It occurs to Rain that she can hear Fauna, but Fauna cannot hear her. She huffs a sigh and turns to Asaroth. "Who did this to you?" she asks before the darkness freezes over her entirely.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:38 am

Asaroth is stunned when Raina asks that. The ice goes away, the flames dissapate, and the flashbacks cease. Asaroth fades away into the ground. Next thing Rain knew, she was outside the door.

Holliz smiles. "All you had to do was ask." The world slowly fades away to black, then into the MIST. "There, anything else? A cookie? I can do a cookie too." Hollix starts eating a cookie that came out of nowhere.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:57 am

Rain stares at her hands. ...Fauna was right? She looks up and sees Fauna and Hollix, right in front of her.
Fauna looks up and sees Rain. She glances at Hollix, and back at Rain. She basically tackles Rain, grinning.
"What happened to yer legs?" Fauna asks.
"Ether. Grenade... Zander locked me up in this weird room, and then Asaroth--"
"I told you Asaroth didn't belong with Haze."
"N-no, somebody possessed him... I asked who did that to him, and he let me out here. He did save me, but somebody... He was made of darkness, Fauna. And he froze me with darkness, too. Froze me. Who did that do him?"
"...Zander... Where is he now?" Fauna stands up.
"I don't know, he sank into the ground."
"...What room did that jerk lock you in?"
"Follow me." Rain stands up and hobbles to a door. "Should be in there," she says. Fauna nods and turns to Rain's one leg and arm. "Stay here," Fauna says, giggling a little. She bolts off and comes back with a bunch of robotic stuff. Fauna combines the robotic stuff together, and then on to Rain.
"Congratulations. You're the new Zander," Fauna says with a smirk. Rain's eyes widen and she looks at her robotic leg and arm. "This sucks..." she mutters, but thanks Fauna.

Fauna stands up and walks in the room where Asaroth was claimed to be. She leaves the door open slightly, just in case.
"Asaroth?" she calls out softly, walking deeper into the room.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:26 am

No one is inside. In fact, it looks like an entirely different room.

Zander looks at his screen and decides that there is no way to substitute the disc data he needs. "It just had to be THAT disc... oh well, it should still be with the spare cyborg parts." Zander starts walking down the hall to the spare parts room.

10 Minutes Later...

"WHERE IS IT?" Zander desprately searches through the robotic parts. "How am I supposed to finish the cannon without a control disc? I could have sworn I had a spare here. The only reason someone would take it is if they needed to use some of the cyborg parts..." Zander slaps his hand to his forehead. "Of course..." Zander sends androids to patrol the halls in search of Fauna.

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Re: Silverbrooke

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