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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:37 am

Fauna looks around the room a little more, and then walks back outside. Androids are gathered around everywhere, and an alarm goes off instantly. Fauna stares at the androids, and then at Hollix and Rain. Fauna nods at Rain, and Rain grabs both Hollix and Fauna's arms. There's a flash of blue, and they appear back at Silverbrooke. Another flash of blue, and Rain's gone. Fauna stares blankly at the inn, and then turns to Hollix. "Well.. at least Rain's alive. There's no Asaroth, Zander thinks you're He11ix, and we've got the thing that completes his death cannon! I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing..."
All of the sudden, the ground starts rumbling like crazy.
"Bad thing."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:00 am

Zander angrily walks down the cannon's mechanisim. "I cannot BELEIVE this! All because I didn't keep the disc safe, I have to do everything MANUALLY! But I can't even do that with He11ix held prisoner in Silverbrooke..." Zander pulls out his communicator and calls He11ix.

Zander: He11ix? Is that you? What's going on?
He11ix: I'm trying to make my way back to the station, why?
Zander: How did you escape Fauna?
He11ix: Wha?
Zander: She kidnapped you, didn't she?
He11ix: No, one of my counterparts sucked me through a black hole, along with the rest of the me's.
Zander: Then that means...
He11ix: You probobly saw the me that made the black hole. Wait, got to go. Meteor impact in 10.

Zander puts away the communicator and scratches his head. He reaches the end of the cannon and looks out the manual aim window. A meteor the size of a house is headed right for Lore. Silverbrooke, to be exact. The meteor eminates incedible energy.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:11 am

Fauna, Zander and his pea-brain figured out that Hollix wasn't He11ix. He knows that He11ix is in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and... look up.

Fauna tilts her head to the sky and sees a giant meteor coming straight at them. She doesn't look away from the meteor at all but tugs on Hollix's sleeve. She points to the sky, letting him see the giant meteor.

What can we do?

...Uhm... I'm gonna run back to the cave and tell Leaf to keep everyone away still. You keep watch on the meteor, 'kay?

Keep watch? What if it hits us?

Then do your best to block it. Ask Hollix how powerful his black hole is. I gotta go now, and warn Leaf and the rest of 'em.

Fauna turns to Hollix. "How powerful is your black hole?" She raises her hand towards the meteor.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:18 am

"Well, I can, in fact, make a black hole large enough to trap that thing. But at this distance, a black hole that large would also suck in... well, most of Silverbrooke and much of the surrounding area. But even if I can't destroy it, I'm pretty sure I can stall it long enough for you to find some other way." Hollix looks up at the meteor and raises his hands. Everything starts slowing down, until everything comes to a complete stop but him and Fauna. "I would suggest hurrying... this isn't exactly the easiest thing to do..."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:28 am

Fauna stares at him, and then at the meteor.
..How the hell does he do that...

Still think he's gonna kill you? I got Leaf and everybody else to stay put in the cave, by the way.

Okay, that's good. He's probably not going to kill me, but I'm... not 100% sure.

Suit yourself, not trusting the guy that continues to save you and everybody else's life.

Okie dokie. But he wants me to do something while the meteor is stopped. What should I do?

...Well, I've pretty much taken care of everything that we really need, so... I dunno.

...Hm... Oh! I'll go up to MIST and try to take control of the cannon before Zander finds has the chance to do anything. Can you take a second and bring me there?

...Aww... Can't Hollix take you?

He's a little busy, Rain.

Ughhh, fine.

Fauna turns to Hollix. "Rain's taking me to MIST so I can try to do something about the cannon. She also made sure everybody was safe at the cave. Try to hang in there..." Fauna glances at the meteor, and back at his hand. "I still don't understand how anybody could ever do that..." There's a black of blue, and Rain picks Fauna up, bringing her to MIST.

At MIST, Rain drops Fauna and leaves instantly, going back to the cave. Fauna looks around and finds the cannon controls.

Why would Zander leave the controls? Probably still looking for the disk.

No, he's waiting for you.


Watch your back. I'm out.

Fauna slinks around MIST, looking around corners carefully. She bumps into something, and looks up to see Zander. "Oh, shit."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:45 am

The Zandroid grabs and handcuffs her. It takes her down a long hallway filled with wires, computer screens and techy stuff. They eventually come to the manual control room, where Zander is running around pulling switches and such. He looks at Fauna and runs over to her. "DISC. NOW. There's no way I'm going to work this thing manually."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:50 am

Fauna smirks. "Hello to you, too... But anyways... Why should I give you the disk?"

Zander holds up the nuke beam.

"You're going to kill me anyways!"

"I might not if you give me the disk."

"...Liar... But take it anyways." Fauna hands Zander the disk, and then sits on the floor to watch him.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:04 am

"Thank you very much." Zander walks over to the main screen and puts in the disc. "Now, I'm going up to the main controls. You... stay here. Bye bye." Zander heads up the hallway.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:14 am

Stay here? Yea right...

Fauna leaps to her feet and follows him. "I wanna see..." she says, looking around the ship. Technology is everywhere. Fauna grins and continues following Zander.

How's Hollix holding up?

He's fine. What are you doing?!

Don't bark at me, jeeze. I'm following Zander, obviously.

No, you're following the crazy maniac that wants to kill you, remember?

..Well, yea... He's bipolar, though. Right now, he's nice.

Nice? NICE?!

He said 'Thank you.' I don't think I've ever heard him say that before. Zander's in a happy mood right now.

You're honestly losing your mind.

Oh, really? What the hell do you expect? There's SIX He11ix's. And Zander's gonna try to blow us up soon, while a meteor is coming at Silverbrooke. Yea, Rain, I'm not going to start twitching and having seizures soon at all.

...Twitching and having seizures? Yea, you're insane. Anyways, hurry up and knock Zander out or something!

..With what, and why?

That's the real Zander, you moron! If you take care of him now, then no more Zander. Ever.

..Whoa.. that's the famous Zander? The real one?


Jeeze, Rain... Calm down. I'll think of something... The main controls to the cannon come into view then. Fauna peeks over Zander's shoulder and stares at them.
Okay, there's a lot of pretty buttons. I'll get him to let me press some, and then I'll knock him out or something. Please, can't I just press one?

...You're so childish... Hurry up...

Fauna leaps in front of Zander. "Can I help? I wanna press some of the buttons really bad."



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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:29 am

Zander grabs her by the hair. "Go watch your little planet blow up." He throws her down the hallway back to the manual controls.

Just a little hint: You are in the manual controls to a giant beam cannon that can destroy planets. And there is a meteor that needs destroying. THINK.

Hollix struggles with keeping the time around the meteor frozen.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:45 am

I think he knows what we're thinking, 'cuz he's all grumpy now...

Remember, he has a computer that looks at the forums.

Oh, yea... Well, then. Zander's a big fat jerk.


Zander momma was fat!



Okay. You're in the manual control room to the cannon. Do something.

Like what?

..Well, to start off with, you could have NOT GIVEN ZANDER THE FREAKIN' DISK!

But he would've hurted me..

Well, now he's gonna hurted everyone, so hurry up.


Fauna walks up to the controls and stares at the buttons. "What kind of maniac memorizes all of this...? Oh, right, Zander." Fauna snickers to herself and picks up a little booklet. How to Control the Beam. Fauna flips through it and finally finds the "shut down" button. She presses it, and the beam is deactivated. The lights also go off. And the ship starts tilting to one side.

...What did I just do?

YOU SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE ****ING SHIP, YOU IDIOT! Fauna flinches and grabs the book again. "...Power on?" She finds the right button and presses it. The ship jerks and straightens, the ship turns upright, and the laser starts buzzing.


Fauna jabs the "shut down" button repeatedly. The ship almost turns completely upside down.

You've got to be the stupidest person ever.

I've already come to that conclusion. How's Hollix?

...And she proves her point... He looks like he's having a hard time. Do something about the beam!

Can I make the mean shoot the meteor?

...Not a bad idea. Try it.

Something tells me I shouldn't...

Well, Hollix is barely holding on, and we don't know what else to do, so just do it!

Fauna reads through the book quickly and jabs the "power on" button again.

I really don't wanna do this--

There's a flash of blue, and Rain shoves Fauna to the side. She takes the laser's control and aims it at the meteor, shooting it. The entire ship shakes severely, and they hear an explosion. Fauna glares at Rain.

"Nice," she mutters. Above them, they see rocks floating around.

"You made more, Rain!!"

"...I see that... Try to knock the door down or something."

"Hell no, bring me back to Silverbrooke!"

Rain's hair flickers red at the tips. Fauna shuts up, but Rain's eyes go wild now.

Five minutes later...

Fauna comes crashing down, looking like a miniature meteor, to Silverbrooke. She hits the ground with a loud thud and makes a very deep hole in the ground. Fauna crawls out and sees Hollix, staring down at her like she's crazy. (she kinda is) Fauna shrugs and looks at the meteors. "How much longer can you hold on? Rain's losing it."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:01 pm

"Actually, the little meteors that came from the big one won't do much of anything now. They aren't even headed for Silverbrooke. So I let them go. It only looks like one of them will actually come close. And it should hit in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4-" The meteor hits far away in the forest. "321."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:42 pm

Fauna gives one, slow nod.

"I really hope that it didn't just hit the cave," she says after a moment. Fauna calls Wolke and hops on it, letting Hollix climb on as well. She bolts to the cave and sees people standing at the edge of the entrance. The meteor crashed right in front of the cave. Fauna grins and looks up at her pack. They all give a thumbs-up, and Fauna goes back to Silverbrooke.

"Whaddo you think Zander's doing right now?" she asks, fidgetting with the bell on her tail.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:53 pm

Zander is having some coffee.

A voice comes from behind Fauna. "I don't think you should be woorying about what Zander is doing." Fauna and Hollix turn around to see He11ix. "Notice anything about me that seems different?" Hollix looks down and sees something weird. VERY weird. If you count 5 shadows as weird.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:58 pm

Fauna flinches.

"Don'thurtme,Iburiedyouwhenyoudied,andIthoughtyouwereRain,sodon'thurtme!" Fauna starts spewing out crazy nonsense as she begins to freak out.

Something taps Fauna on the shoulder. She flinches again and turns around to see Rain, hair blazing red. "You forgot about me," she says, drawing out a blood-stained sword. Fauna looks at Rain, and then back at He11ix, wide-eyed.

"Suck 'em in the hole... Please suck 'em in the hole..." Fauna turns back to Rain.

"You'remyguardianandguardiansaren'tsupposedtohurtthepeoplethey'relookingaftersopleasedon'thurtme,I'minnocent!" Fauna's eyes are huge as she turns back and forth between the five-shadowed He11ix and the p-oed Rain.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:19 pm

Hollix turns and looks at both of them. "Actually, it would make more since for me to leave now since they seem to be focused on YOU." Hollix vanishes, leaving her alone with her guardian bent on revenge, and a person with the power of 5 copies of the most powerful demon in all of the world. But look on the bright side: Hollix is at McDrakels having a cheeseburger. At least someone is happy!

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:47 pm

Fauna stares at the place Hollix was standing and lets out a law hiss. She whirls around and knocks Rain to the ground, making her fling the sword into the air. She growls, low and angry, and glowers at Rain. She holds up her hand defensively.

"Fauna, I'm so sorry... You were right about Hollix. I'm sorry I lost it, just please..."

Fauna lets the sword drop to her side and frowns at Rain.

"I told you Hollix was going to turn on me! He doesn't want to kill me-yet-but he still turned on me. They're all evil..." Fauna turns around to He11ix. She'd completely forgotten about him. Rain steps by Fauna, holding a sword of darkness. It's related to the Abyss sword. Fauna and Rain both stare at the five-shadowed He11ix. Fauna bites her lip and looks down at her own sword, then back at He11ix.

"Does it really have to be this way? We all know that Zander is the real jack ass that needs to die," Fauna says in nearly a whisper.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:59 pm

"Zander is merely MY puppet now. He may have plans of his own to destroy the world," The 5 shadows start to spin around him. "But I have my own way of doing things." The shadows spin faster and faster. "The MIST was his doing, I had no intention of using it." The shadows begin to shrink into He11ix's feet as they spin. "I will destroy this planet with my own hands." The shadows vanish, and He11ix starts turning black. "I will properly destroy you later." He11ix starts to fade away until he is completely gone.

Hollix appears with an order of Chickencow Nuggets. "Want some?"

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:05 pm

Fauna shoves Hollix, making him fall to the ground. She lets out another low his, this time even harsher.

"Get away from me before I kill you," she snarls, already raising her sword. Hollix scrambles to his feet and runs a safer distance away.

Fauna turns around, facing Rain. "And you. You say you're sorry because Hollix betrayed me, but you yourself have done the same thing. You're hair-" Fauna rips a chunk of Rain's red hair out, "-turns red whenever you turn your back on me." Fauna knees Rain in the stomach and then shoves her to the ground as well. Assuming that He11ix is merely invisible, she starts walking around.

"And what happened to you, He11ix? After I supposedly killed Zander, you said this: 'Now that I can finally stop operating under Zander, I have people to talk to. Heroes to make amends with, villans to betray, all that.' Now look at you." Fauna stares at Rain and Hollix. She then turns around, shaking her head slowly. Fauna leaps into a weak trot and takes a run in the woods to calm herself.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:42 pm

"Haven't you figured it out yet, Fauna?" A pool of darkness opens up below her, sucking her in. When she opens her eyes, there is nothing but Abyssal's beaming red eyes. "He11ix IS dead. He is still buried out in the ground... well, some of him anyway. I used his form as a mere puppet. Now his form is gone from corruption, but I do not require it anymore. My plan is going perfectly. First, I needed a source of infinite darkness to increase my power. Space, of course, is the perfect place. Which is why I needed Zander to make the MIST, so I could have a way to harvest it. His cannon was his own. When he finished it, I realized that I alone couldn't do it. But now that I have a little help..." 4 more sets of red eyes appear around Fauna. "I have more than enough power to do it. Now, before I go to the MIST and put the rest of my plan into action, I will at least give you a last request."

The 5 sets of eyes circle around Fauna.

Hollix slows to a walk when he sees Fauna is gone. He looks up at the darkning sky. He pulls out the ice orb from his pocket. It's so cracked, you can't even make out the lines anymore. Even one toch could break it to peices. And you do NOT want to set free a universe where all time and space is destroyed in another one.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Wed Jan 21, 2009 4:52 pm

Fauna glares at Abyssal. "A last request? Like my last meal before they electrocute me to death, or my last wish?" Fauna scowls at Abyssal fiercely.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:13 pm

"Something along the lines of the second one. Please hurry, I have a world to destroy."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:17 pm

Fauna bites her lip to keep from ripping Abyssal's head off, as much as she wants to. "Fine," she mutters, turning towards Rain and Hollix both. "Bring He11ix back. And come with me to the grave, so I know it's actually He11ix. I don't care if he's still evil or any of that crap, just bring him back. And hurry up, I have stuff I need to do."

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  He11ix on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:26 pm

I don't see how you can drag Abyssal... or grab a nonexistant arm... he sucked you into a pool of darkness where you only see his eyes, along with his 4 other counterpart's eyes... so I'll ignore those parts.

"Very well... but as I said, his form is destroyed... you may not see what you are expecting." Fauna appears at the grave. An incredibly faded and distorted figure rises from the ground. "... what is going on... I feel alive, but I still see nothing... it feels like I'm inbetween..." Abyssal's 5 black human forms appear behind Fauna. The original steps forward. "You got what you wanted. There is no possible way to do anything more. He cannot hear, see, or feel. In fact, death was a better fate. Now then, I will be back soon to destroy you all... hahahaha...." The Abyssals dissapate.

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Re: Silverbrooke

Post  Melanie on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:34 pm

...Whoops. I edited my last post and deleted the dragging thing.

Fauna looks at the strange-looking He11ix. Rain comes from behind her and looks, too.

"He looks like crap," she mutters. Fauna turns around and looks at Rain's robotic body parts. "You wanna lose those? I know how to take 'em off." Rain shuts up. Fauna turns back to He11ix and sighs. She calls her cloud and then puts He11ix on it, climbing on herself. Fauna turns to Rain now.

"Can you take me to MIST again? If you don't, well..."

"Why are you still pissed at me?" Rain glares at Fauna.

"Because you turned on me, yet again! I didn't trust Hollix from the start, and you did. He ended up turning on me. Doesn't wanna kill me, but close enough. And you still don't think Asaroth is capable of being good. He is. Asaroth doesn't belong with Haze, you moron. Somebody did that to him, and I think it was Zander."

"Fine, whatever! I'll take you there, but after that, I'm gone. Don't even try finding me." There's a flash of purplish blue, and the three are back at MIST in a few seconds. Fauna jumps off of her cloud and walks around. She finds Zander at the cannon's controls and growls quietly to herself. She yanks Zander up from the chair and takes him to where He11ix is, on the cloud. She glares at Zander.

"If you really care about Haze, then you'll help me rebuild He11ix in any way you can. I'll do something for you if you help me with this." Fauna's eyes are strangely pleading at this time.

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Re: Silverbrooke

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