The begining

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The begining

Post  Drake on Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:03 pm

The figure silently approached the two imposing water draconians guarding the steps to valsalkars lair. One of the two guards snorted and drew his sword, a massive sword built just for his kind, and approached the figure cloaked in darkness. The figure raised one hand and twiched his finger in the direction of the guard. A moment later that guard was over nine thousand feet in the air. The remaning guard blinked in suprise then narrowed his eyes and drew his sword as he charged with a feroucious roar. He too met a gruesome fate.

The figure walked up the steps and with his magic, tamed the wyverns that sought to stop him. Soon the entire moutain would be his, and valsalkar his too command

Nothing would stop him this time, not a mad weaponsmith, not a giant robot, not a guardian could stop him now.... soon he would have his favored weapon back and the plan could proceed apace, just as the master had always planned


Vraal was happy. At least as close as a Dark Draconian could get to being happy, after all he WAS evil. His new master was evil as well and he new there would be much pillaging of human lands that Valsalkar had though would attract attention, the fool. The master had a plan, a plan to set up other evil groups to distract the defenders of lore until it was too late, keeping them blind, even the dragons, to the horror that would soon fall across the world. Soon, the queen of monsters would rule again, and perhaps with Vraal at her side

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