Solid Death Tattoo: Book One: Unity

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Solid Death Tattoo: Book One: Unity

Post  DragonKing... Oh, you kno on Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:20 pm

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Roh and the Hellix walked down a deserted road.
They entered a strange temple, and the mark on the Hellix's neck began to glow He breathed in deeply.
"Ahh... That feels better," he sighed in his dark voice.
"It's a Plasmic Famine Ink Temple. What d'you expect it's gonna do for a Plasmic Famine Tattoo? Roh replied.
Well, I expect that if I miss this, we'll end up dead with parts of us coming out of walls. said the Hellix, the Tattoo on his neck glowing brighter.
"Mmm. Then don't."
The Hellix's next words were lost as the Tattoo activated. It was a teleportation type Famine Tattoo, and Roh and the Hellix were on an important mission for the Holy Rebellion. They must find the Hero of Unity, who would unite all of the other Heroes against the New Order of Entropy, the current rulers of their continent, and absolute evil.
Suddenly, the light cleared and they appeared in a vast room filled with people in armor.
"God, I hate you sometimes," Roh said. Bah, whatever. Get ready."
"But... Ugh, fine," the Hellix replied.
"'M not gonna free you till we win,you know," Roh said back.
"Yeah, yeah, I know," The Hellix replied."The Guards are reacting."
Roh's hand suddenly began to glow. "Alright, I'm ready. Have some... fun with these Guards."
"Oh, so now I can kill people, huh? Now that they're on my side."
"Can it, Abyssal. You have to follow my orders." Abyssal, the Hellix, glared at the Rebel Leader, but still... fun was fun. He began to teleport Guards into pieces and hack them into chunks with his _______. Roh made it out of The Guard's Tower by firing MagiBullets from his hand and called Abyssal over. The two sprinted down the street, searching for the Hero.
"Y-Your M-M-Majesty?" the small messenger apprentice stammered.
"What is so important that I had to be awoken?" the Darkman of the New Order asked the Apprentice, his red slit pupils glaring holes into the boy.
"I-I-uh... Roh ca-captured the Hellix. Th-th-the Head Sheriff thinks he- um- he performed a F-F-Forceful- um- a Forceful Induct-duction," the apprentice gulped.
"... Damn. Oh, well. I got a DarkSon out of it."
"I... Wh-what? What's a- a DarkSon?"
"A corrupted child who I can completely control."
The apprentice turned to run, but he knew he was doomed. The MagiRays hit him, transforming him into a twisted monster.


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