Mel and He11ix land

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:40 pm

...Fauna... He's gonna kill you. Why couldn't you just say the head-eating rabbit?!

Hey, when you almost WANT to die, then you'll choose the evil-looking one.

And you want to die because...?

Haze is dead or corrupt and want to kill me, you and my parents are still here-my PARENTS, the ones that nag the hell out of me-and there's a pirate standing around somewhere. Plus, a bunch of people-other than Haze-want to kill me. Yea, Rain, I'm just dandy.

Maybe if you didn't kill people then you wouldn't be in this situation.

You sound like my Grandma. Just shut up.


Rain breaks out of her handcuffs and mows down the spikes/crystals. She pounds Fauna into the wall, busting the entire cave. The cave collapses on Crystallux and Fauna's parents. (And it SHOULD kill them, since a rockslide killed Zander and a freakin' ceiling killed He11ix) Rain chases Fauna into the forest, where they run into Friedhof. Rain lunges at Fauna and misses, landing on the bunny. The bunny starts scratching her face, and Rain starts wrestling with it. She eventually tries to eat it.

"Who're you?" Fauna asks, turning to Friedhof after watching Rain and the bunny.

"I'm Friedhof. I was put on Earth to kill yew!"


"I'm kidding. Really, though, I'm supposed to kill you."

"Why's that?"

"It's my job, to kill people."

"Kill her first." Fauna points at Rain.

"'Kay." Friedhof points the machine gun at Rain and fires away. She then takes out her twin blades and hacks away at her. After she's satisfied, she turns back to Fauna.

"...You remind me of someone," Fauna mutters.

"Really? Who?"

"Oh, just this half robot, half human guy that killed anything and everything."

"Nice. I'd like to meet him some time. Maybe we could go on a killing spree."

"Actually... He's dead."

"Hm, wow. That's most likely my fate as well, huh?"

"Probably. So now what?"

"You gonna eat that?" Friedhof gestures towards Rain.


"I'm kidding! We need to kill that fucking rabbit and then we'll talk about killing you."

"Sounds good."

Fauna and Friedhof chase after the rabbit, Friedhof firing at it with the machine gun and Fauna hacking at it with her sword.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:50 pm

Killgorian The Horrible (aka, The Bunny) is back at the crash site.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:57 pm

The cave collapsed, and Rain chased Fauna into the forest, where Friedhof's ship crashed. That's where they met Friedhof, and the Bunny (Killgorian) was with Friedhof.

Friedhof lunges at Killgorian and picks him up by the ears. Killgorian snaps at her and ends up biting her wrist. Friedhof makes a snarling sound and screams, shaking her arm rapidly. Fauna grins and watches for a moment. She then stabs the bunny, making him fall off.

"I think it's dead," she mutters.

"I fucking hope so, look what he did to meh!!" Friedhof shows Fauna the fang marks on her arm.


"Yea, 'ouch.' Freakin' hurts."

"Looks like it. Meh, it'll heal. Did your ship crash? Or is that how it lands?"

"I think it crashed... I've only landed on landing strips before, this is my first time landing just anywhere."

"Hm. I'll go see." Fauna starts walking off back to the ship. Friedhof follows.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:01 pm

So HOW did they escape the cell, get out of the Haze building and get to the forest? You weren't in a cave...

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:05 pm

..I wasn't? Hm. Well, Fauna called Rain a grandma, so Rain got pissed off and demolished the cave, which was actually the cell, so... Rain's rampage? I might have to delete some posts.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:34 pm

We'll just say that Rain could teleport when the cell colapsed.

The bunny gets back up again, fully healed. He is MAD. And you do not like Killgorian when he's mad. His eyes turn red. He jumps miles into the air, faces downwards, and starts breathing fire on his way down. The forest is set ablaze. Killgorian comes down like a meteor, and smashes into the ground. He tunnels underneath Fauna and bursts from the ground, and grabs onto her face.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:42 pm

'Kay, that works. That saves me a lot of deleting, too, so yay.
Fauna screams and tries to rip Killgorian off of her face. Friedhof comes out of nowhere with a chainsaw and starts swinging it around at Fauna's face. Fauna jerks back and instinctively punches Friedhof. The chainsaw tears clean through Killgorian, and then Friedhof turns to Fauna, chainsaw still running.

"Sorry?" Fauna says, shrugging. She runs her fingers over her face and feels giant scratches and bite marks. "That's gonna leave a scar," she mumbles.

"Yea... So will this." Friedhof swings the chainsaw at Fauna with a wicked grin on her face. Fauna smiles and pokes the chain with her finger. It stops. Friedhof stares at the chain that holds Fauna's finger.

"That didn't really hurt," Fauna says, frowning. "I was expecting some pain."

"What are you?"

"A highly trained student in technology who just happens to be a cat, vampire, human, and werewolf that was destined to be a murderous criminal such as yourself."

"...That's quite a mouthful of words."

"Indeed it is. Now are we gonna go fix your damn ship or are you gonna try to kill me again?"

"Let's go with the ship..."

The two make their way to Friedhof's ship again.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:55 pm

Killgorian pulls himself back together, (He really IS the ultimate killing machine) and quietly hops through the burning forest after them. He wonders how they could have not noticed that part.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:58 pm

Shocked ....Oh, shit, I fergot about that.

"Hey, uhm, the forest is on fire..." Friedhof glances behind them and points limply to the fire. Fauna just smiles and keeps walking. In a few seconds, rain begins to pour down like a bucket of water had just been poured over the entire area. The fire is out as soon as sheet of rain hits the ground. The two continue walking towards the ship.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:06 pm

Killgorian scowls and keeps quietly hopping towards them.

??? stands up. "Everything is slowly coming together now. Who voulunteers to join Killgorian?" Everyone is silent. "...anyone?" Everyone pushes Greifous forward, and make a wall. "Ah, Greifous, thank you for voulunteering." Greifous sighs and is teleported away.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:16 pm

The two come to the ship, which is smoking and dripping from the water. Fauna steps towards it and runs her finger along the surface.

"How old is this?" she asks, studying the side of the ship.

"At least 50 years old."

"Brand new. Okay, so..." Fauna jumps onto the ship where it's smoking and begins tearing things off. Friedhof leans against a tree trunk and watches. She glances around herself to see if anyone is watching, and then looks back at Fauna. She pulls out her machine gun slowly and quietly, placing her finger on the trigger. Friedhof shoots at Fauna, who teleports into oblivion as the first shot was fired. Friedhof looks around and then sighs. She'd have to fix the ship herself.

Fauna taps Friedhof on the shoulder. Friedhof jumps and whirls around, placing her sword directly by Fauna's neck. Fauna reaches up and grabs the sword, which melts.

"Don't try to shoot me. First of all, it won't do anything. I'm a vampire. And second of all, it'll just piss me off, and I'm a real bitch when I'm mad." Fauna jumps back on the ship and tries to fix it again.

"O...kay?" Friedhof looks at her melted sword and then back at Fauna. A look of horror crosses her face, and she gulps. Friedhof looks around again and sees the bunny. "Fauna, that rabbit is back," she says. Fauna doesn't even look up. A giant, flaming rock comes out of the sky and hits Killgorian dead on. Friedhof stares at the giant boulder which is no longer on fire and then looks at Fauna.

"Do you enjoy killing things?" she asks.

"I'm beginning to, yes." Fauna smiles and continues working on the ship.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:28 pm

The rock rises a foot off the ground. It is perfectly balanced on top of Killgorian's head. Killgorian bounces it and it is smashed. He hops up to Friedhof and shows her puppy dog eyes. Then he hops up and starts clawing out HER eyes.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:44 pm

Fauna throws a metal pole at Killgorian, stabbing him through his chest. The bunny is stuck in the ground now. 50 lightning bolts come down at once and strike Killgorian, turning him to ash. Fauna continues working on the ship.

Friedhof stares at her bloody hands and touches her face. She shudders and looks at Fauna.

"That's gonna leave a mark," Fauna mutters, smirking.

"..Yea.." Friedhof grins.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:13 pm

The ashes blow away. Tiny hopping is heard in the distance. Another bunny hops out of the woods. Then 2 more. Then 10 more. Then 100. 100 killer bunnies. Well, 101 since the original reformed and hopped back in. Greifous appears. "Surrender or face the wrath of the mighty army of killer bunnies!" He thinks for a moment. "Well, that's something I never thought I'd say."

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:07 pm

Fauna looks up for a moment at Greifous, then looks back down at her work with the ship. Friedhof glances back and forth at the two of them, then climbs up on to the ship.

"Fauna," she whispers. "Do something! He'll sick the bunny rabbits on us."

"Do what you do best. Kill them."

"What? I already tried that. Killer bunnies are invincible."

"Then kill Greifous."


"The dude."

"Oh. How?"

"Like you kill everybody else. Slit his throat, drive a sword into his heart, shoot him with a gun."

"Okay... What if it doesn't do anything?"

"Then I'll come in. Just do something."


Friedhof lunges at Greifous with her twin swords drawn. She crosses her arms and cuts Greifous's head off.

The ship makes a low moaning sound. Wrathe, Friedhof's robotic companion, also wakes up.


"Wrathe!" Friedhof bolts over and stands in front of Wrathe. "Iko is fine. The human life form fixed it."


Friedhof glances at Fauna. "He's never said 'bunny rabbit' before... That's kinda weird."


"Attack? The rabbits?" Friedhof turns to Fauna. "Get ready..."

"You tried to kill me. I fixed your ship and kept you from getting your face clawed off, so I'm out of here." Fauna smiles and then hovers in the air above the forest to watch Friedhof defend herself against the rabbits.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:24 am

The bunnies start hopping in place. Then, they start to FLY. The army of flying killer bunny rabbits start grabbing onto the ship, completely covering it in fluffy cuteness.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:43 pm

Friedhof stares at the fuzzy new ship and then scowls at Fauna, who shrugs with an impish grin. Friedhof begins firing at the ship with her machine gun.


"I don't give a crap, the rabbits are probably eating him!"


"Aw, come on, Wrathe, I'm not your enemy..."

"ATTACK." Wrathe mutates into some tank-looking thing and faces Friedhof. Fauna bolts at Wrathe and destroys it completely with just a simple kick. She lands by Wrathe as he starts making screaming sounds and crosses her arms. "Your robotic servant is weak," she mutters, turning to Friedhof. "And so are you."

"Am not!"

"Oh, really?" Fauna outstretches the palm of her hand towards Friedhof. Friedhof makes a squealing sound and ducks, covering her head. "If you aren't weak, then why are you hiding?"

"I'm... not hiding, I'm just getting in my defensive position."

"Sure." Fauna turns to the ship, Iko. "So what do we do about this?"

"I dunno, Wrathe got pissed when I tried to kill the damn things."

"By the way, he's not dead. Wrathe will be back in 15 minutes or so, he's just stunned right now."


"Yup... Okay, so I'm gonna try plucking them off."

Fauna walks up to Iko and plucks a bunny off. It snarls at her, scratches half of her face, bites her shoulder, and kicks off of her face, landing back on the ship.

"That won't work," she calls. Friedhof is heard laughing. Just then, the ship flies into the sky and comes back down like a meteorite again, only into a large body of water. Fauna stares at the huge splash of water that is seen over the trees.

"...What just happened?" Friedhof stares at the wave as well.

"Wrathe woke up," Fauna says, grinning. The two make their way to the bunny-free ship. The rabbits are simply falling from the sky now.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:58 pm

When the bunnies hit the ground, they hop back up and wait for the whole army to reach the ground. Then they all hop on top of Wrathe, making a huge pile. Then they set themselves on fire. Then the ones on the inside of the pile start to nibble on him.

These bunnies are hard-core.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:06 pm

Friedhof stares at the bunny pile.

"Do something, Fauna!"

"Why should I?"

"I... Um... I... Damn it, just do it, please?"

"Well, fine, but only because you said please."

Another bucket-like stream of water pours down on the rabbits and sets them out.

"Yay, thank you, Fauna." Friedhof runs to Wrathe, who is back in his human-ish form.


"They're gone." Friedhof glances at Fauna and gives her a thumbs-up.

"Really?" Wrathe is done shouting.


"Awesome. Where's Iko?"

"Um... Destroyed?"


"Don't worry, the egg should have formed already."


"Now all we do is wait."

Fauna sits in a tree and waits for Friedhof and Wrathe to reveal their secret.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:01 pm

The first Killgore comes back, alone. But different. Maybe it's the fact that he's 20 feet tall, but that's just me.

He is a super-pyro-growing-flying-mole-pathelogical-bloodthirsty-homocidal-manic-bunny rabbit. I want one...

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:47 pm

Friedhof glances at Fauna and looks back at Killgore. Her eyes widen, but then she smiles.

"Wrathe, is it ready?" Friedhof turns to Wrathe.

"I think so. Who will get it?"

"Uhm.. Fauna? You wanna do it?"

"What?" Fauna turns from Killgore and looks at Friedhof now.

"Get Iko. She's in a little grey egg. You up to it?"

"Sure, sure. Underwater?"


Fauna nods and slips between the trees, then dives underwater. She finds the egg instantly and comes to land, holding it. Fauna walks back to Friedhof, who reaches out for the egg. Fauna takes it back.

"Fauna?" Friedhof glares slightly.

"Hey, I got it, it's mine now."


"Yah-huh!" Fauna cradles the egg to her chest and scowls at Friedhof. "Mine!"

The two argue over the egg with Wrathe staring at Killgore.

He is a super-pyro-growing-flying-mole-pathelogical-bloodthirsty-homocidal-manic-bunny rabbit. I want one...

Maybe you could trap a bunny rabbit and give it some pill that made it like that... Sure, it'd be cruel, and it would probably destroy the world, wouldn't be that bad. Razz

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:16 pm

The bunny eats them all like tiny peices of carrot. Then he shrinks back to normal size, (Which causes them to shrink too) then spits them out. Then he hops away, leaving them 5 milimeters tall at the most. I wouldn't use a ruler, it might fall and squish them.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:32 pm

Zak wants us going back on to Silverbrooke. He wants us to start posting there again, but not as much... Is that even possible? He says that the original purpose of Mel and He11ix Land was that we create our own storyline or just do whatever... But we've already moved our own Silverbrooke here, so... What now?

Fauna had thrown the egg back into the water before Killgore had eaten them. She now runs over to the lake with her miniature, 3 millimeter legs. The egg is floating on the water, close to the shore. Fauna crawls up and sits on it. Friedhof and Wrathe come as well and sit by Fauna and the egg. Their voices are incredibly high-pitched and squeaky.

"How do we get back to our regular size?" Friedhof stares at Fauna.

"I don't know," Fauna replies.

"I can do something, but then you guys have to change me somehow," Wrathe mutters.

"Alright... We can wait for Iko to hatch, and then she can change you." Fauna smiles.

"She can do that?" Friedhof turns to Fauna, gawking. "How should you know?"

"I can feel her power."

"From inside the egg? When she hasn't even hatched yet?"

"Yup. And how does a mammal hatch from an egg, anyways?" Fauna smirks.

"She's... a mammal?"

"Duh... Have you ever seen her before?"

"...No... You know more about my ship than I do!"

"True, true... Hehe."

"Don't 'hehe' me... Wrathe, can you transform us, or what?"

Wrathe speaks now. "Yea, hold on."

"Okie dokie." Friedhof sits in the grass and waits.

Thirty seconds or so later...

Fauna is big, and Wrathe and Friedhof are still small.

"HEY!" Friedhof smacks Wrathe. "What the fuck!?"

"I trust Fauna more, and she has more power, and I didn't have enough power to turn the both of you."

"What do you mean?! You've known me all your life! I can't remember, but I think I created you! NOT FAIR!"

"Actually, it is fair. Now... Fauna, can you hear me?"

"Yea," Fauna kneels down and lets Wrathe and Friedhof crawl up on her hand.

"Okay, just wait for the egg to hatch, and then Iko can transform us."

Fauna sits down with the egg in her lap and the two munchkins in her hand.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  He11ix on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:04 pm

We ignore it and let him realize that it's not us that post too much, and everyone else posts too little. Then we could avoid future conflicts on the subject.

Everyone at the base is happy. They all have glasses of Rodger's Rum, drinking heartily now that they know that Fauna's destruction is soon to commence. Except Samantha. Then ??? gets everyone's attention.

"Friends, enemies, janitors who will be forced to clean up after the party or meet their doom, lend me your ears. I would just like to say a few things. Everyone played a key role in this allegiance. Zandroid and He117 for providing the base and computer equipment. Abyssal for destroying Fauna's well being. Grevious for providing all the Invincillonium we need. Crystallux, who is dearly departed, for getting her out of the base to finalize the plan. Loklodfir for his attck on the wolf pack, Samantha for scaring Mabel off the planet, Killgorian for reducing her to the size of a roach, and Rodger for the woderful party. But, before the main entertainment, we have one more thing to do. STEP ON HER!"

Everyone cheers. Except the janitors, who are still crying from the opening statement.

Back in the forest, footsteps are heard in behind the trees. Then 10 sets of eyes come from the dark of the woods.

Greifous: I see that you are normal size. That makes things all the more interesting, now doesn't it. Squishing you would be fun, but now I get the full feeling of revenge. You have done something to each of us that we aren't entirely happy about. You left me, alone, and refused to fight.
Zandroid & He117: You destroyed our bretherin, and our masters.
Abyssal: Killing me. In fact, you killed me 1,000,004 times. Good thing I lived.
Rodger: Ye didn't even ASK to try me rum! I find that very insultin'.
Samantha: For being friends with that Mabel...
Asaroth: ...
Loklodfir: Programming requires Fauna to decease.
Killgorian: *says something in bunny language*
Greifous: Crystallux would want you to die for breaching his sacred cave.

They all step out of the shadows.

All: Prepare to die.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

Post  Melanie on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:23 pm

...What if he never realizes it?
And why do you always try to kill meh?! Sad Razz
Iko's character page has been added... Yes, she's got a character page.

Fauna scowls at them all. She then gives each a reason why they shouldn't kill her.

Greifous: I was far too busy to have anything to do to you. Everybody was trying to kill me. And, because everyone was trying to kill me, don't you think I was a tad bit scared?
Zandroid & He117: I buried your original form, He117, when he died. I almost gave up hope on living. And you, 'Zander', I bawled over your original form and for all of Haze when he died.
Abyssal: You tried to destroy me, and the world. Self defense. You'd be a good guy if you didn't try to kill everything, but I'm not one to judge.
Rodger: YOU never asked ME to try your rum! I'll drink a whole keg right now if you'd like. I really need to forget some stuff right now.
Samantha: Don't forget that I also got her off of the planet as well. And besides, she came to me. I couldn't do anything about it.
Asaroth: I still don't think you deserve this...
Loklodfir: What did I ever do to you? You tried killing me and my pack... Again, self defense.
Killgorian: You're adorable, and I'd like to pet you, but I'm afraid that you'd bite my hand off... which I'm pretty sure you really want to do.
Greifous: And, as for Crystallux... Self defense. And I didn't necessarily kill you, Rain did. And I'm sorry for that. You were cute as well, although vicious-looking.

She faces them all. Her blue-white eyes are glistening.

"And as for all of you... I lost something out of all of this as well. My sister, my family, Rain, almost all of Haze," Fauna glances at Asaroth, "my original Wolke, which I managed to bring back... You aren't the only people suffering." Fauna's eyes widen, and she looks down. Iko's head is sticking out of her egg.

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Re: Mel and He11ix land

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